Our Mission

Mission Statement

“Milan” A volunteers driven. Non-profit, 501 (C) (3) association of people from India living in United States with chapters and membership across the United States of America is a social, civic, non-partisan, secular and community service organization celebrating the traditional art and culture of India and contributions of Indian diaspora to foster constructive partnership and interactive relationships with local communities, Institutions, policy makers and academicians.

“Milan” creates and support programs, services, its financial and volunteer resources for community events, forums, youth activities, educational institutions. towns and state events, underprivileged children and needy families, including The Hartford’s Courant children Camp Courant, charitable activities benefiting local communities and organizations in order to build bridges of mutual understanding, interest and trust contributing towards the strength of Connecticut.

American commitment in the institution of democracy has enabled our community to flourish, and encompassing a wealth of cultures, diversity, histories and traditions of indigenous and all other communities in America.

"Milan" means in Indian language "meeting for a good cause." ‘Milan” stands for along with our Indian community letting our values contribution to the strength of America.

Mission of Milan

  • To build the bridge of trust and mutual appreciation of diversity of culture and heritage and foster cultural harmony in the community
  • To promote civic and social engagement and integrate seamlessly with wider society
  • To serve as a voice for Indian American community and its unique needs at regional and state level

Milan is committed to achieve its mission by

  • Committing to preserve the best values of both, Indian and American?? culture and heritage and other related matters important to the Indian community through education, awareness, involvement and sponsorship of performing arts to help us grow into better human beings, good citizens and responsible contributors to the advancement of USA our country we live in.
  • Encouraging self-discovery and exploration of the relevance of diversity in all its forms, "Milan" supports schools, universities and cultural institutions, towns and state by Cultivating relationships and collaborative partnerships with surrounding individuals, communities and institutions of different cultural backgrounds.
  • Promoting respect and appreciative cultural diversity of various ethnic heritage by acquiring attitude, skills and knowledge to function in various cultures to eliminates racism and discrimination to achieve social, economic and educational equity.

"Milan's" motto is