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About Milan

The word ”Milan” in Indian language means MEETING FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Milan strongly believes that values of Indian culture and heritage will contribute to the strength of America.

How do we accomplish this

  • “GYAN JYOTI”… A center of languages and culture of India, this center has been set up by “Milan” with an objective to develop a sense of well-informed cultural harmony by making them aware of Indian arts, customs, music, dance, handicrafts, food, festivals, performing arts, yoga, meditation, languages, literature, history, geography and other related programs and current topics of interest to the community.
  • By providing, organizing and participating in cultural events, setting up exhibitions of handicrafts of India in schools, educational and cultural institutions, towns and state.
  • By coordinating among existing Indian community organizations to develop a platform for a harmonious coexistence and uniformed voice for the Indian Community (while respecting and maintaining the diversity and multiple identities of the existing organizations and their efforts to promote their social and cultural ideologies)
  • By exploring the untapped vast potential of the Indian Communities.
  • By encouraging and promoting activities and community events for all age groups.
  • By encouraging ( without imposing) the involvement of the pulsating and dynamic vitality of the young generation.
  • By developing an ideology of “many languages-but one nation, many traditions-but one nation, many communities- but one nation, WE ARE INDIANS.
  • By getting the help and resources from  the Indian community  and others for building  a living place for the senior citizens and  also building the community center.
  • Letting the values of culture and traditions of India to contribute in the strength of our adopted country America, getting recognized for our services and interactions with non Indian Communities.
  • By assisting other charitable organizations which subscribe to the objectives and basic philosophy of “Milan
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